Who gets a walk-in bath tub?

Taylor Made Tubs is designed for everyone who needs an easy and safe way to rejuvenate and bathe in the comfort of their own home. Most importantly a walk-in bathtub with Taylor Made Tubs offers a way for you to stay independent longer regardless of any mobility issues that arise. 

How do I pick the right size?

Another big decision you’ll have to take is the size of your walk-in bathtub. We offer a variety of sizes to tailor to your specific needs. When picking a size you’ll need to take into account like your body type, the water usage of the walk-in bathtub and whether or not you can fit it though your house and into your bathroom. 

What are all the features of a tub?

Our walk in bathtubs come with a variety of options for added features and it can be a daunting task to figure out which ones you want. 

How do I stay warm while it is filling up with water?

Taylor Made Tubs comes equipped with two water diverters (one for the hand mixer and one for the spout) which allows you to enjoy the warm water while your tub fills up. These diverters can be used independently or simultaneously. 

How long does it take to fill up the walk-in bathtub?

It only takes about 8 minutes to fill a walk-in bathtub to a level where it is safe to use the jets. The fill time will vary depending on the water pressure and plumbing. 

Who will install my tub?

Taylor Made Tubs has installers that have all the skills and knowledge to get the job done right the first time. 

How hard is it to install?

Each bathroom poses a unique set of challenges to work with. Taylor Made Tubs are engineered to be installed above the floor avoiding costly plumbing work. Our walk in bathtubs are “front side” installation utilizing a lock and pin system. This keeps seams out of sight and minimizes installation time. 

How do I select the placement of my tub in my bathroom?

The house drain positioning will determine where the walk-in bathtubs can be placed. If it is new construction, the positioning of the drain can be planned. Selection of the walk-in bathtub drain side will be based on drain positioning of the current shower or bathtub. 

Do I have enough space in my bathroom?

Another important aspect of size is whether or not the walk-in bathtub will fit in your house or bathroom. If the walk-in tub is too large the walls may need to be cut to get the walk-in tub to fit correctly. This can be another costly expense so it is vital that you hire a Taylor Made Tubs professional installer so that to the walk-in bathtub dimensions as well as your own bathroom and hallway dimensions. 

What is the warranty?

Taylor Made Tubs comes with one of the BEST overall warranties in the industry. You will get a folder with your copy of the warranty or you can download the product manual which includes the warranty certificate to view warranty information.

Where and how are the tubs certified?

Taylor Made Tubs has many certifications to ensure to product you receive is safe and will bring you years of relaxation. Please refer to brochure and customer warranty packets for the specific certification information on a walk-in bathtub. 

What happens if something break?

You all our office at [insert phone number]. Some problems with a walk-in bathtub can be answered over the phone and some will need a service call from one out installers that is covered by the warranty. 

How long will the tubs last?

Taylor Made Tubs are built and designed to last a lifetime with minimal maintenance. Our walk-in bathtubs have been independently tested to meet and exceed performance requirements across the US and Canada.