Optional Features

There are many features that we offer that can enhance your bathing experience but aren’t essential to your walk in bathtub. Heated seat & back rest helps with muscle tension. Chromatherapy and aromatherapy add light and smell from oils to help relax. Ozone sterilization clears out all the water and air hoses and tubes to prevent mld or mildew. 

Safety Features

Along with comfort, walk-in tubs are designed to reduce the amount of injuries that occur in the bathroom. That’s why many of our walk-in bathtubs come with features such as grab bars, slip resistant floors, low thresholds, and thermostatic control valves. 

Drain Technology

With our dual drain technology, our walk-in bathtubs have an approximate drainage time of 80 seconds under ideal home plumbing conditions. Your specialist will advise as to what the best option would be depending on  your in-home plumbing situation before an installation takes place. 

Dual Facing & Handicap Tubs

Our two seat walk-in bathtubs offer the ability for two people to bathe simultaneously while seated comfortably. For bathers who require maximum accessibility, and outward swing door transfer wheelchair accessible walk-in bathtub is the perfect choice. 

Door Types

Outward swing refers to the door of the walk-in bathtub that swings outward toward the outside of the tub, like a car door. This option requires additional space in the bathroom and allows the most room to maneuver inside the tub.

And inward door takes up the least amount of space and is the most common option. 


Acrylic and gel coat shells are both good options. Our focus has always been on acrylic walk-in bathtub productions as acrylic is the better material option. It is important to understand the benefits of acrylic tubs over gel coat tubs.